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Limited Edition Gingerbread Twix and Gingerbread M&Ms

Joy to the World! Gingerbread has come… to Canada… for me…. to eat!

gingerbread.mms.bagI did another Reddit snack exchange the other week and I promise that very shortly I will explain what that actually means and how you can do it too! Although exchanges are a fun way to try a snack you’ve never had before from somewhere else in the world, I had a mission with this one. It was of utmost importance that I get my hands on the limited edition Gingerbread Twix and Gingerbread M&Ms.

Just like a cranky toddler, when I see my fellow bloggers in the States get all the cool treats, I want them too! Instead of throwing a tantrum, I reach out to a wonderful US citizen and have them FedEx me the yums. Here’s my take on these tasty limited edition products:

gingerbread.mms.upcloseGingerbread M&Ms

After reading reviews on these, the general consensus was that they lacked gingerbread flavor. I have to respectfully disagree with my fellow junk food tasters because I could detect the gingerbread-iness after eating a single ‘M’. I agree that this could have been better or more effective if mixed with white chocolate but they were not too shabby and I enjoyed the always cute packaging.

gingerbread.twix.bagGingerbread Twix

Now we’re getting serious. Twix is one of my favourite chocolate bars but I don’t think a regular one will be the same now that I’ve tasted this gloriousness. The amount of gingerbread in these is perfect and blends so well with the caramel and chocolate. The thing I noticed about this flavor of Twix was that the texture was somewhat different, but in a good way.


When cut in half, it sort of looks like there’s a lighter layer at the top of the cookie base right under the caramel but that could also be me imagining things.  The limited edition flavor comes in a bag of individually-wrapped snack-sized fingers. Good thing my snack partner sent me 3 BAGS because I now have an addiction.

I could live without the M&Ms coming back but I really hope the Gingerbread Twix becomes a regular thing and that just like Gingerbread Oreos, it finds its way up north as a limited edition product next year!

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  1. Oooh, Twix is one of my favourites too and these sound so good! I might have to do a swap with an American friend too.

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