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Cheddar Jalapeno Showdown!

lays.kettle.cooked.jalapeno.cheddarI finally got around to trying the Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos that were ‘new’ in Canada earlier this year, which reminded me of my enjoyment of the cheddar-jalapeno combo. I didn’t post a review because the thought of taking photos of them didn’t even cross my mind before I inhaled the whole bag. I don’t have to explain it to all of those out there who are obsessed with spicy Cheetos but my review summary would be: AMAZING.

I decided to try out two other cheddar-jalapeno options currently on the market in chip form.

First was Jalapeno Popper Ruffles. They’re not specifically cheddar-jalapeno, but considering most cheese flavour in chips is cheddar, I assumed they would be very similar. I would rate my spice handling level at moderate and I found these to be very spicy. The flavour is okay, but not nearly as good as the Cheetos and I found the spice just overpowers the flavour after eating a few.


I like a good challenge on my chip packaging

Next I tried Lay’s Jalapeno Cheddar kettle chips. Admittedly, I hadn’t already tried any of Lay’s kettle chips even though I love kettle chips in general. My mom bought me these because she knows me so well and because she knows I’m totally a grown adult with my own blog. I liked the usage of jalapeno-cheddar on the fantastic kettle chip crunch so I rate these more enjoyable than the Ruffles but still not as good at the Cheetos.

Cheetos are the clear winner in the Cheddar-Jalapeno showdown. I have never actually tried Flamin’ Hot Cheetos but understand that they have the potential to be very addictive. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get my hands on them!

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  1. These look awesome. Would love to try them

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