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All About Walkers Crisps

walkers.prawn.cocktailAfter updating the site last week and going over my reviews of the last year, I was so surprised to see that I have never posted about Walkers Crisps. Crisps, my friend, are what the Brits call chips and I’m actually embarrassed that I haven’t written about the greatness that is Walkers.

Walkers is the British version of Lay’s except way cooler because not only is the name classier, the chip crisp flavours are so much more authentic. Today, as a very important part of Chip Week, I’ve decided to give a run-down of some of my favourite Walker’s flavours.

Smokey Bacon

I’m aware that bacon chips also exist in Canada and the US, but not like this. Oh no. These Smokey Bacon crisps keep it real and contain actual British pork extract. They taste so much like bacon that I’ve used them on a sandwich in lieu of actual bacon.

walkers.worcester.sauce.chips.crispsWorcester Sauce

The first thing they did right with these chips was drop the ‘shire’ at the end of ‘worcester’ for all of us who can’t actually pronounce the word and call it ‘Lea & Perrins’ instead. While this may sound like an odd flavour of chip, they are actually very tasty and well-balanced with a nice sweet-salty-tangy ratio.

Prawn Cocktail

To clear things up, these crisps are meant to taste like prawn cocktail sauce and don’t contain any fishy prawn flavour (even though I wouldn’t mind if they did). The result is a chip that tastes a lot like All Dressed but with a much more clever name.

Deep Ridged: Mature Cheddar and Onion

Walkers has a line called ‘Deep Ridged’ which are ultra-ruffled potato chips. I’m a fan of mature cheddar (or what we call ‘old’ cheddar here in Canada) and found these to be very tasty. The Deep Ridged line also comes in Chili Beef, Flame Grilled Steak, Ready Salted (regular) and Salt & Malt Vinegar.deepridged

Walkers has many other flavours from their regular range including Cheese & Onion, Roast Chicken and Pickled Onion. Salt and Shake which are regular crisps that are a bit on the oily side and come with a separate bag of salt to essentially have DIY-salted chips.

Walkers crisps are sometimes available as limited edition flavours as well as the ‘Do Us a Flavour’ competition with this year’s winner being Hog Roast with Sage & Onion Stuffing! You can find Walkers crisps at many British import shops or order them online.

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  1. I like Walker’s chips but I am NOT a fan of the Prawn Cocktail flavour. :)

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